Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 20 - July 26

Weekly Update: 

Surnames —
MALONEWelcome to The Malone Family Directory
MALONEMalone & Hilleary Family History
MARSTONWelcome to Marston Manor
MATTHEWSMatthews/Mathews/Mathis/Matthis DNA Project
MATTHEWSIrving W. (Owner Abstract Company) b: 1857 WI
MATTHEWSMatthews, Mathews, Mathis DNA Project
McCANNMcCann Surname in Griffith Valuation 1848-1864
McCANNFrancis W. (Hardware & Grocery business) b: 1867 PA

Domestic Resources (USA) —
OKLAHOMAMcCurtain County (GHLL county update)
OKLAHOMAOklahoma County (GHLL county update)
OREGONMultnomah County (GHLL county update)
OREGONVolga Germans in Portland
PENNSYLVANIAFort Loudon, PA State Historic Site
PENNSYLVANIAFranklin County (GHLL county update)
RHODE ISLANDWashington County, 1800 Census
RHODE ISLANDSmith's Castle (The Cocumcussoc Assocation)

Foreign Resources —
UKRAINEArchives in Ukraine (Ukrainian Research Institute)
VATICAN CITY STATENations Online (Vatican guide)